Children’s book about bullying bear wins Amnesty award

A book about how to persuade a bullying bear to get off a mouse's chair has been given in amnesty award for teaching children about the value of peaceful protests and standing up for your rights.

"There's a Bear on my Chair" by Ross Collins a Scottish author won the amnesty CILIP Honor for his book. Since the kids were the people voting this meant a lot. Having work recognized by an organization such as Amnesty International is quite unique and a large honor. In the book a bear goes and sits on a mouses chair and the chair is a big enough for two. The mouse tries all kinds of tactics to move the bear but nothing works and the mouse finally gives up. Once the mouse is eventually gone, the bear gets up and walks home. There he finds the mouse who finally gets revenge. This is a book who celebrates human rights in a children's menu. The best books give children empathy and confidence to stand up and shape their world for the better. It is not immediately obvious, but thinking about how to persuade a bullying bear to get off your chair can teach children about peaceful protest. You can buy this book at Target for $9.99. With target promo code the price would be $7.99

This book was described by judges is packed full of joyous humor and develops children's empathy and shows how we can protest creatively and peacefully when something is wrong. It is delightfully funny but a very useful book for talking to children about human rights.