Bullying is a serious issue.  Our program works!

This school implemented the Bully B’ware Productions Program “Take Action Against Bullying” and followed up with building a strong, safe school culture and climate based on the common belief systems of the staff, parents and students. This was a 5 year implementation program with strong committed leadership in the school.   The results are listed below.

Year 1

School history and stats.
  • Inner city designation, with usual community profile in economically challenged community
  • Kindergarten –grade 6 – 300 students
  • Up to 27 different languages spoken throughout the community
  • Predominantly eastern European population, high e.s.l.
  • Windows were boarded up during summer months to prevent breakages
  • High incidents of vandalism, graffiti
  • 35% transient population
  • playground fights a common occurrence
  • litter everywhere
  • 34 out of school suspensions Dec. – June of that year
  • $2200.00 in window breakage costs

Year 2

  • 35 % transiency
  • community school programs throughout the summer and school year, low cost, school open for community to access
  • number of suspensions reduced to just over 20
  • instituted a “zero tolerance”
  • reviewed with students behaviour expectations
  • began “Caughtcha” rewards program for students caught doing random acts of kindness of deeds of good citizenship
  • developed school song
  • had the school painted (outside)
  • ran a program Friday nights for at risk teens
  • reduced window breakage cost from $2200.00 to just over $300.00
  • started community kitchen program

Year 3

  • transient population reduces slightly, for the first time we have a Korean group of new Canadians
  • work with Community Transition group to introduce new Korean families to our cultures and behavioural expectations for kids
  • Solicit corporate sponsorship
  • Revisit the formal Bully B’ware program. Out of school suspensions drop to less that 10
  • Very few playground fights
  • Transition to a Kindergarten to grade 5 school is complete
  • Begin a leadership program with students grades3-5
  • Office referrals for incidents of bullying drop from 92 to 39
  • Vandalism to the building increases throughout the summer due to extensive renovations
  • Vandals caught and restitution made in the form of community programs (girls offered a dance program to students)
  • Litter problems evaporate

Year 4                

  • Renovations completed
  • School is profiled in the magazine portion of the CBC National as a “safe school”
  • Student pride shows through
  • Less than 5 suspensions, only 2 from bullying incidents
  • Community school programs increase every year in popularity
  • Bullying incidents are more non-violent: relational among the boys and girls: harder to detect, more incideous
  • Students/parents encouraged to report

Year 5

  • Very few
  • Vandals responsible for one act of vandalism (over 50% of the total cost of all vandalism) caught and held responsible; restitution in the form of offering a community program for students (baseball)
  • Bullying at a maintenance level

 Interesting Facts I’ve Learned

  • The culture of the school must change, which could change the culture of the community
  • The leader must believe that this is an important issue
  • Follow-up and follow through with students and parents is key to this working
  • Parents and the community must know what the behaviour expectations are in the school, and what the consequences are
  • Children from other schools who arrive with reputations as tough kids will change when the culture of the school surrounding them is positive, solid and in place – they will rise to the level of behaviour expected, and they will be surprised
  • Learning capability goes up when students feel proud and are not frightened

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